By CARP Yaounde Cameroon Ardin Marius Ouayoue Nou

first_imgBy CARP Yaounde Cameroon, Ardin Marius Ouayoue Noutong: We held our second conference at the FFWPU HQ on November 28, 2015, with the theme “Understanding the theory of the original nature of humans” given by Mr. Stephen Asong, Educational Director of FFWPU Cameroon & Mr. George Ndode President CARP Cameroon. 22 university students among others participated to this conference and they learnt about the unification thought and how the true love is rooted in the heart. Also they learnt about how man was created for the good and also how true love is the most important thing in this world. Also they learnt that we leave this world only the love.At the end they were very positive and enthusiastic. They asked questions and shared their emotions and were so thankful to CARP. Many promised to participate in the 2-day workshop in December to understand more and more about CARP and its founder. We look forward to give them more education for them to become future regular and core members of CARP and the FFWPU. We also shared with them some snacks provided by CARP members this also added to create a cordial atmosphere that started from the presentations of the speakers.This gives us new determination in the accomplishment of CARP education activities of where we solicit both spiritual and physical support of all new and old members as well as the entire FFWPU family.For us to be more united and work very hard for the accomplishment of vision 2020 which we believe is possible based on the existing potentials and determination of members.last_img read more

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