The Gifted Season 2 Episode 12 Recap They Blew it All Up

first_img ‘The Gifted’ S2 Finale Recap: Death, Destruction & Hope for Season 3’The Gifted’ Season 2, Ep 5 Recap: The Reunion We’ve Waited For As we draw ever closer to the end of The Gifted’s second season, the Mutant Underground’s situation only feels more hopeless. This is how the season begins to make its way towards the finale: By blowing up both alliances and people. Yeah, this was an emotional episode, and nobody is in a great place by the end of it. Most of the action revolves around the big meeting. Evangeline is getting all the leaders of the Mutant Underground together to discuss a team-up to fight the Purifires and the Inner Circle. She wants the Morlocks in on it to because they’re going to need all the help they can get. Blink is the only one who isn’t sure about this plan, but the meeting is going down whether anyone likes it or not.Which is exactly the problem. Evangeline apparently wasn’t all that subtle when she rounded up the rest of the Mutant Underground leaders. Reeva Payge knew the meeting was going down, and already had a plan in place. Remember that top secret mission she recruited those assassins for? The one Polaris spent all of last episode trying to find out? Well, it takes her almost the length of this one too, meaning her warning comes in just too late. While the assassins remain cagey about what exactly they’re going to do, she appeals to the dude’s ego enough that he brags “we’re going to slay a dragon.” They plan to attack the meeting and kill Evangeline.Sean Teale, guest star Michael Luwoye and Blair Redford (Photo Credit: Steve Dietl/FOX.)Polaris delivers the news to Eclipse, who’s taken his branch of the Underground on a detour to pick up Erg. That detour probably saved their lives. Thunderbird drives as fast as he can to warn Evangeline, but it’s too late. They show up to a smoldering building and a whole lot of body bags. Erg peaces out immediately, and if losing all their allies wasn’t bad enough, there’s one more blow in store for Thunderbird. Blink realizes that he’s going to keep pushing himself no matter what, and fears that’s eventually going to get him killed. She decides she can’t watch him die, so she leaves the Underground completely to join the Morlocks. It’s a real rough day for everyone.It would have been real easy for this to feel like Blink’s actions come out of nowhere, but this episode did some work to make it land. In the second season, The Gifted’s become a lot better about incorporating the opening flashbacks in ways that matter. They don’t just set the tone of the episode, or let us know what character we’ll be focusing on. In this case, it let us know exactly why Blink would react this way to seeing the man she loves constantly run into potentially fatal situations. When she was a kid, she grew up in a foster home under a violent, abusive foster parent. One especially bad night, she made a portal for her and a friend to escape. But the friend wants to go back. She knows if they don’t, he’s just going to take out his rage on the other kids. She convinces young Blink to send her back inside the house, where her abuser kills her. That’s some heavy subject matter even for this show. It’s also totally understandable that Blink still carries that trauma with her. And why she isn’t keen on going through it again with her lover.Blair Redford and Jamie Chung (Photo Credit: Steve Dietl/FOX.)Really, everyone but Reed gets a really good, emotional story this week. Reed just freaks out over his grandparents’ music box and finds the Von Strucker letter that Lauren’s been translating. That’s it. You really wonder why they felt the need to spend screen time on it. Espcially when Lauren and Kate’s story is so entertaining. I know this is probably the thousandth time a couple characters have been sent off to gather information, but it leads to the episode’s one big action scene. Lauren and Kate go back to Kate’s brother to try and figure out the connection between the Inner Circle and Benedict Ryan. He’s a lawyer for the Department of Homeland Security. After he gets over the shock of seeing the sister he thought was dead, Lauren and Kate convince him to help.The next time they meet up with him though, he’s wearing a wire. Someone got to him. He has a change of heart, and shares what little he’s learned before Sentinel services shows up. All he was able to find out was that Benedict Ryan is the secret leader of the Purifiers. I mean, we already knew that, but the Underground didn’t, so that’s something. The bigger revelation comes when he tells them why he couldn’t find anything on Reeva Payge. As soon as he mentioned her name, he was in handcuffs. Hence the wire. Whatever Reeva and Ryan are planning, they’ve compromised multiple government agencies. That revelation made an already scary world much scarier. And that’s a feeling I’m glad to have as we gear up for the season finale. Also, that shootout with Sentinel Services was just cool. I’d watch a whole episode of Lauren energy-blading cars and Kate shooting at cops.Amy Acker, Natalie Alyn Lind and Stephen Moyer (Photo Credit: Annette Brown/FOX.)The Gifted is really moving now, and I only hope it maintains this momentum through the rest of the season. Not that that should be too difficult, considering there are only four episodes left. It kind of has to keep up this pace. Especially with Andy about to use the Frost sisters to try and control Lauren through their shared dreams. He spends most of this episode debating about whether or not he’s going to. He even seeks Polaris’ advice, who does everything she can to convince him it’s a bad idea. The Frost sisters get wind of that and Esme delivers an ominous warning in response. “With Reeva, you’re either with her or against her.” They deliver a much nicer-sounding version to Andy, who agrees to try it. We’ll have to see how that goes next week, but I’m going to guess she’s not going to take too kindly to Andy’s attempted brainwashing.This episode may have been kind of a downer, but this is the most excited I’ve been all season to see where all this goes. The Underground came out somehow even more desperate than they were before. For the first time, they’re truly alone. There’s a lot of potential in that premise. Meanwhile, I’m still interested in the mystery of what Reeva and Ryan were doing together under the bridge. I just hope we find out before too long.The Gifted airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox.Previously on The Gifted:The Gifted Season 2 Episode 11 RecapThe Gifted Season 2 Episode 10 RecapThe Gifted Season 2 Episode 9 Recap Stay on targetlast_img read more

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