Our favorite obscure Marvel characters

first_img Crossfire1/10This Not-Deadshot character exists primarily as a counterpoint villain for Hawkeye, the Avenger with perfect aim that basically limits himself to arrows. William Cross was a C.I.A. agent who was one of the top “brainwashers” at the agency by virtue of the comic being written in 1979. It wasn’t enough for Cross who decided to split from the C.I.A. to form his own group of private mercenaries. Since supervillainy doesn’t pay if you’re just any old guy, one of Cross’ enemies tried to kill him by blowing up his office, but only blew up part of his face. Cross got some bionic implants to replace his left eye and left ear and went on to torment people and is absolutely not just a lesser Deadshot for Marvel. Nope. That never happens in comics.<><> The Marvel Universe is ever-expanding these days, with a slew of successful blockbuster films from Marvel Studios over the next few years serving as the base for television and Netflix shows like Luke Cage or Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.In the comics, semi-regular events that change the status quo across the entire Marvel Comics line have given us a new Hulk (Amadeus Cho), Captain America (Sam Wilson), Thor (Jane Foster), Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) and Spider-Man (Miles Morales) while keeping the originals around.The inter-connected nature of Marvel comics means all their hero stories and space stories populate multiple planets as well as most time periods of the history of the Earth: fictional-past, fictional present, and fictional future. That’s a lot of stories and a lot of heroes, villains, and things in-between.AdChoices广告It’s easy to lose some gems of Marvel comic book history amongst the sheer number of characters and story. With that in mind, we’ve compiled some of our favorite obscure Marvel characters into this quick refresher.Beware the Nazi bees!last_img read more

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