Representative Garcías legislative package will improve teacher prep standards

first_img Members of the House Education Reform Committee today, led by state Representative Daniela R. García, introduced legislation to support and better prepare new teachers for Michigan classrooms.“Local school districts and new teachers have faced challenges with inadequate teacher preparation programs that don’t properly prepare teachers to effectively teach our students,” said García, of Holland. “This legislation will provide the necessary changes that teacher prep programs must incorporate to be approved by the state Superintendent. These are common-sense changes to prepare everyone to lead a classroom because we must prepare our teachers for the next 50 years and not based on the past 50 years.”The legislation will:Require student teaching experience in multiple environments, such as rural and urban districts, while also familiarizing the student teacher with their district’s evaluation methods, local data to help craft instruction and classroom management. House Bill 5604 is sponsored by state Rep. Pamela Hornberger.Ensure the teacher prep institutions include instruction on classroom management and teaching students in rural and urban areas, in addition to working with students from low socio-economic backgrounds living on low income, are English language learners or have special needs. House Bill 5605 is sponsored by state Rep. Jim Lilly.Establish that institutions provide a free warranty program to graduates who are continuing to develop their teaching skills. House Bill 5599 is sponsored by state Rep. GarcíRequire that full-time faculty at the teacher prep institution complete at least 30 hours of continuing education annually in order to be certified as a teacher preparation program. House Bill 5598 is sponsored by Rep. GarcíSet a standard that students teachers complete at least 90 hours of classroom experience during their preparation program, in addition to the student experience. House Bill 5601 is sponsored by state Rep. Kathy Crawford.Provide that teacher prep institutions must extend a $1,000 stipend to a mentor teacher for developing a student teacher in the classroom. House Bill 5600 is sponsored by state Rep. Julie Alexander.Establish a master teacher corps through the state Department of Education to help provide professional development, assist low performing schools and to serve as input for new educational programs or issues. House Bill 5602 is sponsored by state Rep. Tim Kelly.Ensure an elementary level teaching certificate only be allowed only to student teachers who have completed six credits of reading instruction. House Bill 5603 is sponsored by Kelly.“If we’re going to make education a true priority, we must have specific standards of our teacher preparation programs as we do for our districts and teachers,” said Kelly, chair of the Education Reform Committee. “The parameters we establish with this legislation will produce teachers truly ready and prepared to excel in the classroom.”The legislative package has been assigned to the House Education Reform Committee.##### 20Feb Representative García’s legislative package will improve teacher prep standards Categories: Garcia News,Newslast_img read more

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