Drainage and irrigation should be given priority in Region 2 – Chairman

first_img– D&I workers request more fundingBY INDRAWATTIE NATRAMRegion Two (Pomeroon/Supenaam) Chairman, Devanand Ramdatt has said that drainage and irrigation should be given top priority as the rainy season is closely approaching.D&I workers at the meetingAt a recent meeting organised with the Drainage and Irrigation contractors, the Regional Vice Chairperson, RDC Councillors and staff from the Regional Administration, Ramdatt highlighted the need for the enhancement of the drainage system along the coast.At the meeting held at the Regional State House, Ramdatt said the meeting was specially convened to examine ways in which systems can be implemented to enhance drainage and irrigation, all in the interest of farmers and residents as the rainy season approaches.Key matters discussed included adherence to contract specifications, monitoring and verification of works completed, need for a review of price offered to the contractors, outstanding payments, disposal of garbage and carcasses in waterways, and illegal occupation of reserves.At the meeting D&I cleaners expressed satisfaction that an opportunity was provided to them to raise issues affecting them, since such a meeting was not held for a long time.They requested more money be given to clean the trenches as the current payments are meagre and insufficient for them to maintain their families. Currently they are paid $35 per rod and they explained that such payments sometimes take forever to process. The D&I cleaners are therefore requesting an additional $20 per rod.“If we are given $60 per rod to clean the trench that will help us support our families, we will be able to do more and live longer” a D&I cleaner lobbied.After listening to the D&I cleaners’ request, Ramdatt maintained that stakeholders’ participation is needed for the region’s progress, alluding to the fact that D&I workers are one such stakeholder and every approach must be taken to support rice farmers.The Drainage and Irrigation staff were advised to have closer monitoring and reporting systems so that timely interventions can be made in addressing complaints.Staff were also encouraged by the Regional Chairman to engage farmers and residents in discussions during field visits so that public confidence can be achieved and plans can be developed to address the needs of the people.At the end of the meeting those who attended agreed they were satisfied since such meetings were not held in a while and they think their views should be aired when issues are affecting them.last_img read more

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