Real Madrid-Atlético Atleti forgives and Madrid does not

first_imgChangesVinicius Junior (45 ‘, Kroos), Lucas Vázquez (45 ‘, Isco), Lemar (49 ‘, Morata), Carrasco (70 ‘, Vitolo), Sergio Camello (73 ‘, Thomas) With a vocational auctioneer, Atlético probably would have gone to rest with advantage, but where Simeone asked for a nine the club found him a new one (Carrasco), which was also halfway. Winter market things, which start in one way and end in another.Two ends and another matchZidane must have seen him so black that he flew from stick to stick at the break. He understood that the party’s solution was on the perimeter and He changed two midfielders, Kroos and Isco, by two extremes, Lucas Vázquez and Vinicius. An express trip from 4-5-1 to 4-3-3, almost always the Madrid dress. The output of Kroos, the team’s compass, was especially strange. Almost immediately Simeone ran out of Morata, more adrenaline work, and had to pull Lemar, who spent January waiting for fate and found none.The tactical shake had no immediate effect. In fact, the best opportunity of Madrid in the first minutes of the second part was a Valverde shoe, now as a flyer, rejected without too much fatigue by Oblak.But Vinicius, whose street football is still to be refined, is the differential fact of Madrid, more with Hazard out of orbit. He designed the goal that put Madrid ahead. He attracted three Atlético defenses (no one like the dribblers put so many people on guard) until he opened the corridor to Mendy, whose threaded center finished off point blank Benzema. That goal ended up lifting Madrid, a battered team in the first half and dominant in the second, and dwarfed Atlético, aware that he had let his train pass and that much of his energy had been left in the first chapter.Madrid found the lost emotion and a huge Valverde, aspiring vintage player. Not only was the ball his, but also the second play and the bands, With a very growing Mendy. It will never be Marcelo, but he makes Madrid sleep peacefully for his band. At the last minute Carrasco arrived, another from the brotherhood of the overflow, but by then Atlético already had the chrono, the atmosphere and the mood against it. This time the derby was not against the current. CardsReferee: Xavier Estrada FernándezVAR Referee: José María Sánchez MartínezFelipe Monteiro (65 ‘, Yellow) Vrsaljko (79 ‘, Yellow) Ferland Mendy (83 ‘, Yellow) Casemiro (87 ‘, Yellowcenter_img Simeone wanted and did not have Cavani and the derby justified his efforts. Atlético found the match in the palm of the hand for a while, in the midst of Madrid’s centrality, But it hit the air. Then Zidane took the team fat with Lucas Vázquez and Vinicius And the wind changed. The derby took the rojiblancos from the League and filled Valverde, the find of the century.Hazard’s injury, Jovic’s evaporation, Rodrygo’s regression, little conviction with Vinicius and Bale’s mental and clinical Brexit, whose case would be the responsibility of the World Health Organization when the coronavirus leaves time, hHe has occasionally taken Zidane to a Madrid of five midfielders, an associative model that successfully inaugurated criticism and public in the Super Cup, but that is not valid for every day or every game. He unsuccessfully insisted against an Athletic topped by the casualties (the last, from Herrera, almost at the gates of the Bernabéu) and rectified in time carrying luck on the ends. Lucas and Vinicius formed the rescue team.To the other side, Simeone joined Vitolo, Correa and Morata, three soccer players especially useful in this very athletic strategy to arm themselves with patience and penalize the loss of the rival, the bible of the cholismo: this is won by the one who makes the least mistake.The crossing of models offered the expected result: an indigestion of Madrid’s ball without great progress and a growing proposal of Atlético, which He left his confinement on the back of Morata and his lung capacity. The plan of Madrid left two mediapuntas, Isco and Modric, who do not pass by gunmen, and in front of them a Benzema locked between those rojiblancos bars. His first two occasions had more to do with strategy than with creation. They culminated in the same way, with the dispatch of Kroos, the midfielder of the telescopic sight, and bitten shots of Sergio Ramos, which need not be insisted to go to the load.Good organization strengthened Atlético. First, not to suffer. Then, to scare that Madrid without salt. It was a climb: He started with a shot from Vitolo that was too focused and continued with another intentional from Saul and one more from Correa, without too much angle, to the stick. He also claimed a penalty from Casemiro to Morata in what was more struggle than infringement. The position of Valverde, very close to the band to give the afternoon to Lodi, unleashed much to Madrid in the withdrawal. And when the Uruguayan was lengthening his band, nobody followed him. Zidane’s team also lost the fight of disputes. In that, Atlético has more tradition and training.The passing of the minutes was making Madrid long and thick and solid and daring Atlético, with Thomas and Llorente raising an unsurpassed wall for the squad of white midfielders. Zidane’s team had lost the emotional factor. Everything was boringly academic, a game that Bernabéu never liked. This is an audience that asks for action, round trip. And this time, in addition, there was not even the refuge of invulnerability behind, because Morata emptied before the central Madrid and Vitolo and Correa applied a speed to their cons outside the reach of the white defense.last_img read more

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