“Cavani wants to play at Atlético, it’s his first choice”

first_img‘Operation Cavani’ by Atlético de Madrid is still ongoing, simmering. After both PSG coach Thomas Tuchel and the sports director of the Parisian club, Leonardo, have given new hope to the rojiblanco club by stating that they do not know if the Uruguayan striker will be in February in Paris, AS has contacted with the most direct environment of Cavani. In an interview with his mother, Berta Gómez, he has detailed how the negotiation is, what is Edinson’s mood and what outcome they expect. “The PSG is not behaving well with my son and we are angry about that” Cheer up, how is your son?He’s fine. What is being said that he is depressed is false. Now yes, he is angry, because he does not understand that they put obstacles to him to leave if they do not count on him. He is training as usual and is waiting for events.It takes three games in a row without being summoned with the PSG. Before Monaco, according to the club, he had muscular discomfort, but different media outlets, especially from France, indicated that it was not so and that he had put himself in ‘rebellion’. What is true in all this?Desjection that has been put into rebellion. It is true that he had discomfort in the pubis as Paris Saint Germain and his coach said. And obviously, knowing that there is a possibility that you can leave, you will not risk. At the end of the contract next summer, Edinson Cavani can negotiate with any club from January 31. Is Atlético de Madrid your child’s first choice?Yes absolutely. For four years, in a visit we made to Spain, there have been numerous times that both the president and Cholo have called Edinson.Do you understand the position of Paris Saint Germain of not wanting to let him out because he does not lose a player, who although he plays little, can help in the Champions League?We understand it, and they have let it be known, but what I do not understand is that they want him to stay and then take six minutes. They are not behaving well with him, with everything he has given Paris Saint Germain in the almost seven years he has been there.I feel her angry …I am, because they are not considering him. If you use little, let him go to a club that needs your goals, such as Atlético de Madrid.center_img Today, how is the negotiation between Paris Saint Germain and Atlético de Madrid so that Cavani, his son, arrives at the team trained by Simeone before February 1?Well, you know that there is an open negotiation, Paris Saint Germain has rejected three proposals from Atlético de Madrid, but my son has asked to leave and we are waiting for an agreement to be reached by both clubs.Are they optimistic that Edinson ends up playing at Atlético de Madrid?Look, it’s complicated, but he wants to play at Atlético, if not now, in summer surely. It would be great that this was the case and we have been wishing it for years, but it does not depend, now, on my son, but on Paris Saint Germain and Atlético de Madrid. “It is false that he refused to go to play in the last games, he had discomfort”last_img read more

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