Rapper MGK thrown out of Microsoft Store for damaging laptops during performance

first_imgMicrosoft doesn’t mind holding the odd corporate event in its official Microsoft Stores, but last week it went a bit wrong and apparently saw several laptops damaged.The event was being held in Microsoft’s Atlanta store and was hosted by rap magazine The Source. They (not Microsoft) hired hip-hop rapper Machine Gun Kelly a.k.a. MGK to perform in the store. He obliged, but what Microsoft Store staff and security didn’t appreciate was when he started jumping up on the tables in the store during his performance.Those tables all has expensive Windows laptops on them, and MGK apparently stepped on at least 5 of them. Attempts by Microsoft employees to get him down off the tables were met with profanity from the wrapper, with the key sentence being, “F*ck these computers.”That led to MGK’s microphone being cut off, him refusing to get down, followed by him being begrudgingly escorted out of the store while those watching him looked on a bit bemused.I’m sure MGK will be buying Apple in the future, The Source won’t get another corporate event happening in a Microsoft Store again, and Microsoft management will want to forget the whole incident and get some money back for the damage caused. In the end, this didn’t look good for anyone involved.It’s difficult to see exactly what damage was caused due to the people standing around the tables. But with him being a grown adult, and the speed at which he was moving around, his body weight on a laptop would surely crack the screen or at least bend the casing.More at AllHipHop.com, via Business Insiderlast_img read more

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