Turn your wall into a touchscreen tablet

first_imgYou could own an android tablet… or you could turn any plain surface into your android tablet! The Touchjet Pond isn’t your regular pico projector. The Pond is a complete android system attached to a projector, with its own touch input stylus!Designed to be able to project an 80-inch screen, the Pond comes with a remote to navigate through programs, but what’s truly game changing is the stylus, that allows you to tap/swipe and even draw on the projected surface, making the Pond an absolute boon for presentations, education, design work, and even for entertainment! The entire device fits in the palm of your hand and can slide into any bag or briefcase along with the touch-input stylus and the remote controller. The Pond comes with the Android OS built in, and can even pair with other devices to work as a regular projector device. It even packs speakers and an aux jack for the added punch.The Pond projector is capable of taking up to 4 touch inputs, allowing four people with styluses to operate the device, drawing simultaneously on the projected screen… or a single person work using multi-touch (one stylus in each hand). The Pond is a true game changer, allowing people to interact directly with office presentations, or turn their wall into a canvas to truly make larger-than-life artworks… or play Fruit Ninja on possibly the biggest display ever!Designer: TouchjetBUY NOWBUY NOWSharePinShareFlipSharePocket1.1K Shareslast_img read more

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