Sneaky Mobile Games for Secret Agents

first_img Hands-On: ‘Alien: Blackout’ Is a Mobile Game for People Who …Legend of Solgard is King’s First Foray Into the RPG Genre Stay on target Stealthy, futuristic gadgets are a staple of spy movies. From wristwatches with built-in printers to pens that explode without any noticing. But smartphones, the pocket supercomputers every single chump carries with them every day, blows devices like those out of the water when it comes to sheer capability. And how do we use our godlike power to access all information anywhere at any time? We look at Twitter or figure out the best directions for getting to the Taco Bell.Stop using your phone for dreary real-life business and fulfill its destiny as the perfect tool for escapist spy fantasies. These are the (double-0) seven sneakiest mobile games for secret agents. (Note, some games I wanted to put on this list are so sneaky they aren’t even available anymore, like the Apple Watch spy game Spy_Watch and the official, awful, James Bond mobile game.)AdChoices广告Agent AAgent A gives you the satisfaction, the feeling that you’re a genius that comes from solving those trendy escape the room puzzles. But with this game you don’t have to be stuck in a real room for an hour. Plus, you get to look at some lovely illustrated art and unravel a riveting yarn while solving these puzzles.Archer, P.I.Archer may have began as an Arrested Development-meets-James Bond spy parody, but in its later seasons it has evolved into something much more. The upcoming Archer Dreamland casts the incompetent agent as the star of a film noir, and the mobile game tie-in Archer, P.I. lets you scan episodes and uncover clues for yourself. Talk about synergy.Hidden FolksThe rustic, hand-drawn, black-and-white art style of Hidden Folks may seem more hippie than spy. However, the key to espionage is being able to read a room to find the information you need that others may miss. Hidden Folks’ Where’s Waldo gameplay will test your spying eye by giving you plenty of wacky characters to spot.Hitman GOHitman GO is the crown jewel of Square Enix’s excellent mobile game trilogy. The game turns the elaborate stealth action of the console Hitman games and transforms it into an abstract, coldly sparse and beautiful single-player board game. But it still retains all the tactical killing that makes Agent 47’s adventures so beloved.Invisible, Inc.Invisible, Inc. puts you in control of squads of secret agents trying to bring down the corporations that control the future. The turn-based strategy gameplay gives you time to assess each perilous situation while your powerful AI partner gives you plenty of tools for dealing with challenges. And it’s all brought to neon, high-tech life with gorgeous art because it’s a Klei game.Puzzle Agent 2Forget the TV show, the real successor to Fargo is Telltale’s Puzzle Agent series. Nelson Tethers’ investigations for FBI puzzle research take the gameplay of Professor Layton but swap the quaint Japanese Europe setting for a quirky and eerie American Midwest. For some reason, only the sequel is available on mobile, but any proper puzzle agent should be able to fill in the blanks.TouchToneSpy fantasies are fun and all, but as we’ve recently learned, our spy reality is the NSA using our smart devices to monitor us for nefarious ends. TouchTone is a game about this dilemma, combining the hacking minigame ideas seen in many AAA games with an indie, Papers, Please-style narrative about modern technological paranoia. Oh, and it’s got great art by Threes/Tumbleseed developer Greg Wohlwend.last_img