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first_imgNovember 16, 2015Piemas, (n) pie’-mass: the name of a community holiday celebrating pie. The holiday was begun at Arcosanti in 2011 by foundryman  and pie-maker Chad Repp, and has been observed annually each year since then. Saturday, November 14.  Piemas, (n) pie’-mass: the name of a community holiday celebrating pie., was IT for 2015.[photo by Rob Jameson, text by Jeff Stein]The sunny day was spent by Arcosanti citizens together in the old Bakery at Arcosanti, baking pies and brewing festive drinks. In the photo is Alison Gibbs.After dinner, everyone on the Arcosanti site, including residents, workshop participants and overnight guests gathered in the Bakery in the overwhelming presence of more than 30 fantastic pies, a couple dozen fantastic pie-artists(!), and hand-dipped caramel apples, plus a large bowl of whipped cream, to sample the day’s work. [photo by Rob Jameson]And what a sample![photo by Fabrice Corminboeuf]There were blueberry pies, apple, lemon meringue, pumpkin, chocolate, gluten free, and more; with standard crusts, interlaced tops with cinnamon and sugar, graham cracker crumbs….  Magnificent. A cheerful Arcosanti tradition! [photo by Rob Jameson]last_img