What is Lifes Most Dangerous Game

first_imgby, Dr. Bill ThomasTweet3Share45Share1Email49 SharesMuch of our youth is dedicated to figuring out what we believe and getting good– at something. We begin to play “life’s most dangerous game” when we reach the point that we are able to challenge the concept that our identity is defined narrowly by our accumulated skills and beliefs.It’s not possible to predict exactly when that point will arrive, but it marks the beginning of the end of “adulthood” and a transition into the great unknown “what’s next.”When we reach that unknown threshold, we we get to choose what is next. We get to change what we think, change what we do and, if we desire it, become someone new. That’s a very dangerous game.Put very simply: what could possibly be more dangerous than growing old?Most people think that that this process of aging is all about decline– and they are dead wrong. It is really about growth, and this type of growth depends on a willingness to take risks. Want to learn to ride a bike?  You are guaranteed to fall.Want to fall in love? Your heart will be broken someday.Learn to ride a bike anyway. Fall in love anyway. The danger is good for you. It helps you grow. People who want to help those older than themselves often demand that elders stop taking risks. Not us. We want you to explore. Be cool. Step out on the ledge. Admire the view. Then go higher.Aging offers us one more chance– to make things right. That’s a chance that shouldn’t be missed. It’s an opportunity we need to seize with both hands. People who play life’s most dangerous game get to write their own rulebook. They explore, they choose and then they act. Q: How can I play life’s most dangerous game?A: You can begin by choosing to change. Danger will soon appear and, when it does, grab it and hold on tight! Related PostsNew Podcast: How To Play Life’s Most Dangerous GameWelcome to the only Podcast on the web featuring a physician, Dr. Bill Thomas, and musician, Nate Silas Richardson, who team up for the #AskDrBill Show. Today’s question: “What about the aches, pains, and chronic illness/risk of disease?”Join Me in the Age of DisruptionOur culture tells us that the virtues of youth will always reign supreme and that aging is and must always be equal to decline. Looking back at my career, I have spent too much time insisting that it really isn’t all that bad if we all just look at the…What To Call “It”We’ve performed “Life’s Most Dangerous Game” in 15 cities. We’ve got a pretty good handle on what we’re doing by now, except for one thing–what do we call it?Tweet3Share45Share1Email49 SharesTags: Life’s Most Dangerous Gamelast_img