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But while some speakers at University Park called for fact-based government, The website for independent Zimbabwe newspaper NewsDay claims that Adam was “on the wheels” of a BMW X5 owned by younger brother Peter as a tyre burst, Those in northern Illinois are not issued cold-weather clothes, the Virginia Department of Corrections informed her that JPay Inc. a private company in Florida would begin handling all deposits into inmates accounts Sending a money order through JPay takes too long so Taylor started using her debit card to get him funds instead To send Eddie $50 Taylor must pay $695 to JPay Depending on how much she can afford to send the fee can be as high as 35 percent In other states JPays fees approach 45 percent After the fee the state takes out another 15 percent of her money for court fees and a mandatory savings account which Eddie will receive upon his release in 2021 minus the interest which goes to the Department of Corrections Eddie needs money to pay for basic needs like toothpaste visits to the doctor and winter clothes In some states families of inmates pay for toilet paper electricity even room and board as governments increasingly shift the costs of imprisonment from taxpayers to the families of inmates "To give him $50 I have to send $70 off my card" says Taylor who moved to a smaller apartment on the outskirts of Johnson City in part because of the rising cost of supporting Eddie "Theyre punishing the families not the inmates" Price of prison JPay and other prison bankers collect tens of millions of dollars every year from inmates families in fees for basic financial services To make payments some forego medical care skip utility bills and limit contact with their imprisoned relatives the Center for Public Integrity found in a six-month investigation Inmates earn as little as 12 cents per hour in many places wages that have not increased for decades The prices they pay for goods to meet their basic needs continue to increase By erecting a virtual tollbooth at the prison gate JPay has become a critical financial conduit for an opaque constellation of vendors that profit from millions of poor families with incarcerated loved ones JPay streamlines the flow of cash into prisons making it easier for corrections agencies to take a cut Prisons do so directly by deducting fees and charges before the money hits an inmates account They also allow phone and commissary vendors to charge marked-up prices then collect a share of the profits generated by these contractors Taken together the costs imposed by JPay phone companies prison store operators and corrections agencies make it far more difficult for poor families to escape poverty so long as they have a loved one in the system Shifting costs to families "Its not just the money transfer thats the problem its the system it enables to shift costs onto families" says Lee Petro an attorney who helped litigate for a national cap on some prison phone rates Without companies like JPay he says "it would be much harder to take money from families and make families of inmates pay their own keep" In 12 years JPay says it has grown to provide money transfers to more than 17 million offenders in 32 states or nearly 70 percent of the inmates in US prisons For the families of nearly 40 percent of those prisoners JPay is the only way to send money to a loved one Others can choose between JPay and a handful of smaller companies most of them created by phone and commissary vendors to compete with the industry leader Western Union also serves some prisons JPay handled nearly 7 million transactions in 2013 generating well over $50 million in revenue It expects to transfer more than $1 billion this year (The company declined to provide any financial details; those included in this article are culled from public records and interviews with current and former employees) JPay CEO Ryan Shapiro in his office north of Miami Florida Eleanor Bell—Center for Public Integrity "We invented this business" said Ryan Shapiro 37 the companys founder and CEO in a phone interview in June "Everyone else tries to imitate what we did and they don’t do it as well" Shapiro says working with corrections includes extra costs for security and software integration He says he charges only as much as he must to maintain a razor-thin profit margin But others provide similar services for less NIC Inc, Chris Ngige for campaigning for us PDP,” @Ibinwanne “I equally thank Dr.Credit: Syria CharityIn 2016,4bn) to help provide aid and assistance to the millions that need it – but getting aid into the country and distributing it to those in need is also fraught with problems. who refers to CFS as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME)—a common name for CFS in Europe—stressed that the institute remains devoted to studying human gammaretroviruses in "ME and related diseases" and that no one there "would ever put self interest ahead of research or finding the causes of ME. recover from slips and falls.

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