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I present ‘PALTAN’. BIHAR: CM Jitan Ram Manjhi,wore a simple black maxi-dress for the May 21 event and cradled her belly while being photographed, Related News In June last year, a BJP MLA sat on the Speaker’s chair in the Himachal Pradesh assembly and proceeded to adjourn the House. For all the latest India News, from the BJP and the government on Monday. The government will take a decision taking into consideration all aspects.but now we think that there will be others also who might be interested in viewing such models, said Patil The water supply system of the city is vast and oldand we want the public to see and understand how our water system workssaid a civic official The museum will also display the history of the water department of Mumbaiwill have rare photographs and informative slides There will be functional models in smaller sizes that will depict the whole process of the water distributionsaid a BMC official For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsChilesaurus diegosuarezi has a puzzling mix of anatomical features that make it hard to classify First thought to be a theropod a new study suggests it’s an ornithischian Sebastian Silva/EFE/Newscom Scientists struggle to fit this strange vegetarian dinosaur into the family tree By Carolyn GramlingAug 15 2017 7:01 PM When scientists said in 2015 they had found a plant-eating theropod dinosaur it was as if a vegetarian had crashed a meat lovers’ barbecue Almost all theropods—the group of fierce predators that included Tyrannosaurus rex—were hypercarnivorous eating a diet of more than 70% meat Now researchers are reporting that the dinosaur in question—the parrot-beaked Chilesaurus diegosuarezi—wasn’t a theropod after all and instead belonged to a group of primarily plant eaters called ornithischians They say it might even be a missing link between the two groups But other scientists aren’t so sure the simplest answer is the right one “Since its discovery Chilesaurus has been an enigmatic dinosaur” says David Evans a vertebrate paleontologist at the University of Toronto in Canada who was not involved in the discovery of the dinosaur or the new paper The dinosaur is a strange jigsaw of features from different groups he notes “that make placing it on the family tree of dinosaurs difficult” Indeed vertebrate paleontologist Fernando Novas of the Bernardino Rivadavia Argentine Natural Science Museum in Buenos Aires who reported the dinosaur’s discovery says he and his co-authors weren’t initially sure how to classify the 150-million-year-old Chilesaurus It clearly ate plants with its flat teeth and had a slender neck and horny beak rather than the thick neck and sharp teeth of a carnivore But it also had numerous theropodlike characteristics from the air spaces in its vertebrae to its stocky arms (although they ended in thick short fingers rather than sharp claws) And it shared some features with other dinosaurs such as primitive plant-eating sauropodomorphs and a particularly bizarre group of long-necked vegetarian theropods known as therizinosaurs After numerous statistical analyses Novas and his team concluded that the animal was probably a theropod But he says he’s been expecting to hear alternate hypotheses from his colleagues First up: Matthew Baron a PhD student at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom and paleontologist Paul Barrett also at the University of Cambridge In March Baron and Barrett found themselves in a swirl of controversy—still ongoing—after they and others suggested a “shakeup” of the dinosaur family tree based on their analyses of a massive data set of fossil dinosaur characteristics Their data set had many more ornithischians—the group that includes Stegosaurus and Triceratops—than other such analyses; one of the conclusions of that study was that theropods and ornithischians were more closely related than once thought Now using the same data set they decided to reanalyze Chilesaurus “It was striking it had a very ornithischianlike pelvis” Baron says The hip structures of ornithischians (“bird-hipped”) and saurischians (“lizard-hipped”) were one of the earliest features used to distinguish the groups Theropods have traditionally been classed as saurischians Baron and Barrett came to a different conclusion Unlike Novas they report today in Biology Letters they conclude that Chilesaurus was probably a primitive ornithischian The theropodlike features they suggest actually lend support to their original hypothesis: that theropods and ornithischians are more closely related than previously thought And Chilesaurus might be one transitional form that links them If their reclassification is correct there would also be one less theropod that went vegetarian—an unusual transition Herbivorous diets tend to be lower in nutrients than meat and they’re tough on the teeth; such diets also require digestive adaptations such as gastroliths (gizzard stones) to break down tough plant matter Even if Chilesaurus itself isn’t a theropod scientists still have a handful of other theropods that have “gone green” to puzzle over such as the therizinosaurs and another oddball called Limusaurus Other researchers however continue to raise questions about the reliability of the data set used for Baron and Barrett’s analysis It’s certainly possible that Chilesaurus is something other than a theropod “but the analysis they use to test this is problematic” says Martin Ezcurra a vertebrate paleontologist at the Argentine Natural Science Museum who was an author on the original Chilesaurus paper Although the original paper classified the animals as a type of theropod known as a tetanuran the new analyses included no tetanurans “How can you test this hypothesis if you are not including any tetanuran in your analysis” he says Novas for his part isn’t convinced that Baron and Barrett have the right answer stating that their interpretation overlooks the many features Chilesaurus shares with theropods Still he says “I welcome the novel interpretation by Baron and Barrett because it promotes a necessary debate on poorly known aspects of dinosaur evolution as a whole” he says “I guess the discussion on Chilesaurus has just begun”Written by Agencies | Bangalore | Published: September 7 2011 6:25 pm Related News A Lokayukta Court today adjourned to Sept13hearing of private complaints alleging irregularities in denotification of government land by former Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa and his familyon which he had been issued summons last month Lokayukta Special Court Judge N K Sundhindra Rao adjourned hearing of the pleas filed by advocate Sirajin Basha granting time to the counsel for the accused to argue on the issue of right of representation by counsel for the complainant who submitted a vakalat (power of attorney) that he wished to be prosecutor for the complainant Earliersenior counsel C H Hanumantharaya filed a vakalat to the said effect Objecting to the vakalatsenior counsel for YeddyurappaC V Nagesh and Ravi B Naiksubmitted that if the counsel for the complainant has filed a vakalat to appear as prosecutor for the casehe has to justify it and explain it.said civic officials.

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