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When I asked police, I am a strong campaigner of free speech.My problem with the AIB was not but the fact that there were certain people who had signed up for the roast and therefore they could be made fun of But there were certain people who did not sign up for the roast Some of them whom I happened to know personally and to attack such people and to say such about them when they have not signed I thought was extremely unfair So my response was more emotional than anything else The jokes made on these people who are extremely sexist extremely racist strange kind of humour which if you signed up for is still fine But my reaction was more personal and emotion I mean I’m not a person…I have produced Delhi Belly It’s a highly irreverent film it’s adult humor So I don’t have problem with abusive language as long as it is certified appropriately You are an adult and you can decide if you want to watch it or not But my problem is that you take an individual person and hit out at that person who actually has got nothing to do with you I found that little sad Anant to Farooq Abdullah: Can we ask you to make a comment Farooq Abdullah: Songs like ‘ungli karega‘ and ‘chumma de de‘ these are very normal things but now censor board says that your kiss has to be very limited But how can you make it limited After all you have to generate that stimulation and a kiss does it Now I don’t know how he (Aamir) would react to it Watch: Aamir Khan On Kissing Scenes Censorship & AIB Roast (click here) Aamir: As long as I get to kiss on the day of the shoot then the censor can do whatever they want with it Sudhir Chaudhary Editor of ZEE news:While reporting on the issue of being insensitive we have seen two major incidences in recent time One was Dadri and other one in Jammu and Kashmir ‘s Col Santosh Mahadik who sacrificed his life He was killed by a terrorist And we all know what happened in Dadri Both are acts of violence Even after that the way the nation responded the political system responded why is there is difference If we talk about intolerance in Dadri there was an huge debate and even people started returning their awards but there was an army officer colonel when he was killed… many politicians are sitting here most of the politicians reached Dadri but only defence minister reached Col Mahadik’s house in Satara So Why do we have this double standard This is my question Why do we have this double standard while reporting also while having a debate and while reacting to this Aamir: Well it is really unfortunate because every act to terror every act of violence is to be condemned and that too with the same ferocity Unfortunately as human beings a lot of us do have double standards Human beings are complex creatures I wish and hope we could be like machines and could be calibrated into reacting in appropriate manner each time and who know what is appropriate and who decides what is appropriate So the fact is that these are things that will happen As you rightly pointed out that it should not happen Ideally whether it’s media whether it’s a politician or whether it’s common people Our reaction to violence should be identical whether it’s one community or the other doing it in any way By enlarge most people are against violence of any kind no matter who is behind it Sanjay Pugalia: You have put forward your views on many important issues very openly Another issue on a lighter note yet critical I want to say that when we saw Peepli Live we decided to quit the type of journalism shown in the film But don’t you think the journalism has become like Peeply Live after that film Aamir: Yes And you are blaming me for that(*Chuckles*) Well there are people in every field who are doing good and social fabric we are having is reflected in every field It reflects in journalism too There are challenges for journalists and on of the major challenge is economic in nature What type of journalism we should do and to what extent we can write about that and will it affect my ad or the revenue to company How can you afford to do journalism that you believe in These are some of the big challenges that journalists face on a daily basis and this is a real battle There are no public funded media houses in India like BBC If journalists will get that much right then they can follow the right path keeping in mind where they are and what resources they have Anant: Aamir we still are optimistic at Express We still believe that there is still an economically viable way in doing high-quality and credible journalism… Aamir: I know and that’s wonderful to see I have to say that one of the first newspapers I pickup everyday is The Indian Express Likewise when people ask me in my work how do I do the films I do because they seems to films which are absurd and weird for popular cinema and all people close to me have always been worried each time I selected a film They “this is never gonna work” I will tell you what has worked for me I feel that you should never compromise with your dreams Not matter which walk of life you are in you should never compromise with your dreams You many to compromise a little to achieve the dream but never compromise a dream itself And that’s how I have lived my life Even my mother told me many times “What are you doing Aamir In two or three years you make a movie” “There is time for every person and you should utilize it” “Who would watch movies on cricket” And all the people who know me have warned me at some points in my life but today I can look back and say they have worked they might not have worked also but I have this satisfaction and joy of doing what I believed in The journey is as important as the end-product So it not the success or the failure but journey that you lived through your life that I think is very important Chitra Tripathi Associate Editor India News: When you made the film Peepli Live on what which real-life character you based the lead journalist in that movie Because I feel that you have exaggerated that journalist a lot Aamir: *Chuckles* Okay let me confess I neither did script the movie nor worked in that movie Though I was a producer Anusha Rizvi wrote the script conceptualized it wrote the screenplay wrote the characters and she directed the movie too So you ask her this question Rajiv: Aamir you have put it very well that don’t compromise with your dream and always do the right thing you believe in How do you figure out what is right and what you believe in is right or wrong Aamir: You have to go with your own judgement and that is the best any of us can do really You have to go with what your beliefs are what your conscious allows you At the end of the day our conscience is our gatekeeper for everyone of us Rajiv: And if you believe in something and you find out that it is not right What will you do Aamir: Now this is complicated If this happens then you have to seek forgiveness You have to try and redeem what you have done first of all accept what you have done and try to mend it Rajiv: Have you ever done that Aamir: Well yes I have on a number of occasions I have done something I strongly believed in and later I regretted I have faced that Irfaan from Economic Times: I remember an anecdote that happened with me I briefly worked with TV and when I was on air I was relaying a Supreme Court news to the anchor form the ground And suddenly the anchor says “Play stay with us there is reportedly a leopard broke into a house…” and the TV stared telecasting what was happening there Of course it got TRP more than what I saying Sir how do you face these kind of situations when you have to decide between TRP and seriousness and how often does it happen these days Aamir: I don’t know about the media world so it is difficult for me to comment but I can tell you about my own world We often have to think if people will like it or not So like when i made Tare Zameen Par I had to think if people will like it or not if it is main stream cinema or not On the face of it it is certainly not a mainstream cinema It is story about a child who got dyslexia The only popular person ie me i come mid way For various reasons it is not a mainstream cinema But I still want to make it because I loved the story and wanted to make it So for me I do things which I feel are good and never think about the box office Number of my films have been off-beat cinema but I wanted to be the part of it They have never been easy decisions Whether it was Lagaan Rang De Basanti or Tare Zameen Par All these time you are constantly driven by self-doubt Satyameva Jayate we had no idea whether people were interested in it So do we go through doubts Yes But the doubt is not strong enough to derail us and I think that is very important Doubts are very important they keep you on your feet you should not be derailed in what you believe in is what I feel I have been fortunate so far I guess somebody up there is looking after me Anant: Can we get a question from Tavleen Singh She gave me so many questions to ask and I have not had the opportunity so… Tavleen: I asked him to ask you a question which is politically incorrect and in such a happy atmosphere I feel guilty asking it But you know there is no point in pretending that what happened in Paris has nothing to do with Islam it does The people who did the killing had Qurans in their hands they have done it in the name of Allah You know we live in a country with the second largest Muslim population on the planet We have our own kind of Islam that has produced Galib and Mir and you. where would Galib say ‘Khuda ke waaste parda naqab isse hata‘?are meant for period films.

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produced and directed by Jha, he begins to head out.000, Of the 10 arrested accused,” (With inputs from Mohamed Thaver) For all the latest India News, A report in The Guardian suggests only parts of Yahoo ‘that is not being sold to Verizon will be renamed ‘Altaba’.The site quoted an SEC filing filed today Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer to resign from board Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer will step down from the company’s 11-member board along with five other board members Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer will step down from the company’s 11-member board along with other board members However Mayer will continue to be the CEO till the deal goes through Marissa Mayer was hired by Yahoo in 2012 from Google Interestingly Mayer if fired from Yahoo now will be eligible for a $549 million severance package Read:Yahoo to be renamed Altaba after Verizon deal CEO Marissa Mayer to resign “The remaining directors will govern Altaba a holding company whose primary assets will be a 15 percent stake in Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and 355 percent stake in Yahoo Japan” says a Reuters report Yahoo data breach Yahoo faced a massive data breach with data of over 500 million users being stolen by cyber-criminals Yahoo faced a massive data breach in 2013 2014 with data of over 1 billion user accounts being impacted? the breach has jeopardised its deal with Verizon as the latter is looking to renegotiate terms of the deal,” Yadav says. But many allegedly produced fake documents and claimed the money. you have to buy both versions to do this.

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