UN World Bank assess Iraqi reconstruction needs in detailed report

In a press briefing at UN Headquarters in New York timed in advance of a donors conference scheduled for Madrid next week, UNDP Assistant Administrator Julia Taft and Nicholas Krafft, World Bank country programme coordinator for Iraq, unveiled a “United Nations/World Bank Joint Iraq Needs Assessment.”The 77-page report, covering some 14 sectors, said that of the estimated $36 billion needed by 2007, some $9 billion would be required for 2004.An additional figure of $20 billion has been made public by the CPA, of which some $8.24 billion would be for 2004, according to UNDP.The UNDP/World Bank figures cover health, education, employment creation, infrastructure, agriculture and water resources, private sector development and demining activities, plus several detailed subcategories. The CPA figure, according to UNDP, covers so-called critical areas such as security and oil.The Madrid conference, scheduled for 23 to 24 October, was convened by the Government of Spain and supported by CPA members. According to Ms. Taft, the CPA asked the UN bodies to assess needs in preparation for the meeting. Some 45 nations and 15 organizations have announced their intention to attend, Ms. Taft said. Listen to UN Radio report