Clever cufflinks give 2GB of storage plus WiFi hotspot access

first_imgWhile Brookstone is a usual stop during a mall run to see what kind of new, unique items it has in stock, the retailer isn’t a place I normally spend money. For many of us it just isn’t a store that contains the must-haves that we spend our hard-earned cash on. However, with the release of their WiFi cufflinks, I’m betting some of us geeks may have to bite the bullet and make a purchase. What’s so special about them? How about the geek-cred contained within them in the form of 2GB of USB storage, plus the ability to create a WiFi hotspot.Made from polished silver, the Brookstone cufflinks are a marvel of engineering since they do so much with such little space. It’s not surprising that they retail at $250, since you are probably paying more for the tech inside them than the silver. It seems like one cufflink has the storage capacity while the other serves as the hotspot so you can use both at the same time, but it’s not entirely clear. When we called Brookstone to get some more info, the service agent said that by installing a simple piece of software on your internet connected computer so that your mobile devices could share the connection. Of course, they mentioned the iPad or iPhone, but we imagine all of the Android devices out there will connect as well. We could also see a business person on the go getting in some game time on a 3DS in the same way while waiting for their next flight.While they can be considered a luxury item, the features included make them something that you could almost justify blowing that kind of cash on. Especially if you are trying to be some sort of secret agent that is trying to smuggle information out of a country in a unique way.Pick them up at Brookstonelast_img