Greece corrupt Australia not so

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Greece is seen as the most corrupt country in the European Union, while Australia is seen as the seventh least corrupt country in the world, according to the Transparency International’s annual Corruption Perceptions Index. Countries affected by the European financial crisis – such as Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Italy – have been perceived as the most corrupt in the European Union. In 94th place, Greece is one of the most corrupt of the western European nations scoring a 36. Italy scored a 42, Portugal a 63 and Spain 65. All countries have been impacted by the European financial crisis, are in recession with Greece and Portugal both the recipients of EU bailouts. Greece came in 14 places below last year. Transparency’s Europe director Anne Koch said: “It seems to me to be quite blatantly obvious that the lack of transparency in public finances in these four countries has been reflected in the figures.”Two thirds of the 176 countries ranked scored below 50 which Transparency said indicates a need for accountability of officials and more openness in public institutions. “Governments need to integrate anti-corruption actions into all public decision-making,” said Transparency International head Huguette Labelle. “Priorities include better rules on lobbying and political financing, making public spending and contracting more transparent and making public bodies more accountable to people.” Australian tied with Norway for seventh spot as the least corrup country. Denmark, Finland and New Zealand topped the list as the least corrupt countries in the world. Sweden, Singapore and Switzerland came in at fourth, fifth and sixth respectively, while Australia tied with Norway for seventh spot. Canada and the Netherlands rounded out the top ten of the least corrupt countries, according to the survey, with each scoring 84. Germany scored 79 and Japan and Britain tied at 74. The United States was rated 73, giving it 19th place, and France scored 71.last_img