Vision for Port of Vancouver’s Terminal 1 takes shape

first_imgThe public was offered its first look at initial designs for the future Terminal 1, the Port of Vancouver’s oldest property.During a workshop after Tuesday’s Port of Vancouver Board of Commissioners meeting, architects working with the port described the vision of transforming Terminal 1 as it becoming a beacon, gateway and front porch of the port, Vancouver and Washington state.A “north portal” to access the site would have rows of trees, leading across Columbia Way to a kind of central space, complete with perhaps a brewery, a pavilion and a water feature.The conceptual drawings reimagine the 10-acre site with a larger, airier market building that pays homage to the location’s history as the port’s original warehouse, built atop a new pier. But the port’s vision aims to get people out of their cars and on their feet, exploring the property.In this version of the future, gone are the former Red Lion Hotel Vancouver at the Quay. In its place is a new public market echoing that of Seattle’s Pike Place Market or Vancouver, B.C.’s Granville Station.With “Terminal 1” spelled out atop the roof, the new building would be wrapped in corrugated metal, with large glass windows and garage doors that allow people and businesses to spill into the walkway.last_img