Province Releases Recommendations From Prescription Drug Working Group

first_imgThe province is taking steps to combat prescription drug abuse by increasing access to patients’ health information and improving tools for those suffering from chronic pain. The Provincial Working Group on Prescription Drugs and Overdose released its recommendations today, Aug. 31. Some of the recommendations are already being implemented while others are still being considered. “I want to thank the working group for their excellent advice and work,” said Health and Wellness Minister Maureen MacDonald. “These recommendations get at the root of the prescription drug problem, and will act as a guide as we continue to provide additional help and support for Nova Scotians and families living with addiction.” The recommendations focus on changes to improve the system and increase the collaboration of those working in the prescription drug field. The recommendations focus on the proper disposal of drugs, surveillance, legislation, education and treatment. “I am very pleased that government considers addictions a priority, and that so many experts in the prescription drug field have come to the table to determine solutions,” said John Campbell, member of the working group and director of mental health and addiction services for the Annapolis Valley District Health Authority. “Our recommendations focus on ways that we can better work together and share information so that informed decisions can be made about future services and support.” The department has already started work on several recommendations. Health and Wellness is working with the Nova Scotia Prescription Monitoring Program to provide prescribers and pharmacists with access to patient profiles 24 hours a day, seven days a week, instead of only during business hours. This increased access will help answer any questions prescribers may have when determining treatment and will help them make decisions, knowing the full prescription drug history of their patient whether it is during office hours or in the middle of the night. “Increasing access to patient profiles is an important initiative, and we are very pleased to see that government has made this a priority,” said Denise Pellerin, manager of the Prescription Monitoring Program and a member of the working group. “This program enhancement will allow prescribers and pharmacists to have access to the information they need, when they need it, to determine the best treatment for their patient while promoting the appropriate use and the reduction of abuse and misuse of these monitored drugs.” Connections have also been made with Doctors Nova Scotia and other interested groups to promote a national chronic pain management tool. This tool helps doctors better identify, treat and manage non-cancer chronic pain. Work continues on developing a public education campaign directed at youth and young adults around the dangers of mixing alcohol and prescription drugs. The campaign is set for September, and will provide additional information to families on how they can help their loved ones living with addiction. Progress is also being made to increase access to methadone maintenance treatment, with several doctors working toward receiving their certification to prescribe methadone. “This issue is too complex and important to make decisions in isolation,” said Ms. MacDonald. “I’ve asked the Advisory Group on the Mental Health and Addictions Strategy to take a look at these recommendations and provide input. I want to be sure we develop the best solutions for Nova Scotians.” The working group was convened by Ms. MacDonald, to provide an effective response to the impacts of prescription drug abuse, including overdose and death. The group consisted of representatives from law enforcement, district health authorities, government, prescription monitoring, the College of Physicians and Surgeons, and the College of Pharmacists. The working group’s report can be found at read more

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Toronto private school didnt report alleged sexual assault to police Cops

first_imgToronto police say a prestigious private school did not notify them about the alleged sexual assault of a student on campus as claimed by the school’s principal.Police say they launched an investigation into the alleged incident at St. Michael’s College School on Wednesday after officers were contacted by the media.In an email sent to parents on Wednesday, principal Greg Reeves said the school informed police on Monday of “two very serious incidents” that recently occurred on campus.Const. Caroline de Kloet, however, says the school only contacted police to seek advice on how to deal with one incident that did not involve allegations of sexual assault.De Kloet says police offered advice to the school and no further action was “taken or received.”The school did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The Canadian Presslast_img read more

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Top cops transferred on Police Commissions approval

Several top Police officers have been ordered to be transferred on the approval of the National Police Commission.Accordingly, the two Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) including the Western Province Senior DIG has been ordered to be transferred. Also transferred are four DIGs, two Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) and four Superintendent of Police (SP).

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Brock takes lead on major water research network

Steven Renzetti, professor of economics at Brock, is leading the “Water Economics, policy and governance network” project, which received a $2.3-million Partnership Grant from SSHRC Water researchers at Brock University have received federal funds to set-up a research network to look at the economic, political and social aspects of water-related issues.“The people we have involved in this network are some of the all-stars of Canadian water researchers,” says Steven Renzetti, a water economist who is leading the “Water Economics, policy and governance network” project, which received a Partnership Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) valued at more than $2.3-million.Water economists look closely at the two-way relationship of water: the impact of the economy on water and how water use contributes to the economy. They examine the economic impact and value of water in all of its social dimensions.“We’re very fortunate to have as much water as we do in Canada,” says Renzetti. “However, our network is thinking about, anticipating and trying to set up governance models to avoid the water problems that other countries are facing right now.”“We’re not getting any more supply,” he says. “In fact, if anything, climate change says we’re getting less reliable supplies in the future, but demands are rising.”According to Renzetti, the constant supply and rising demand for water in Canada and around the world creates the potential for conflict.“Most of the water issues in Canada are local,” he says. “You go to almost every province and you can find challenges related to water.”There are threats to water quality on the Grand River in Ontario. There are potential dangers to groundwater quality in Quebec because of fracking and agriculture. In Alberta there are concerns around not enough water and too many demands such as irrigation, recreation and growing cities. And in British Columbia there are conflicts between resource extraction needs and rural communities’, First Nations’ and in-stream flow demands for water.“We’re looking to put in place the governance, decision-making and data collection supports to help governance, so that governments, citizen groups and community decision-makers ensure that all people’s voices are heard and that we allocate water as best we can in Canada,” says Renzetti.The “Water Economics, policy and governance network” is made up of 21 internationally recognized researchers, mostly from Canada, and about 35 partner organizations. This includes government agencies – from municipalities, to provincial ministries and federal departments – First Nations communities, and industry groups like the Canadian Water Resources Association and Canadian Water and Wastewater Association.“The whole point of the exercise is to bring together researchers and partner organizations,” says Renzetti. “A big part of the project is applied problem-solving research with our partners, as well as training graduate students. We’re looking to help build our capacity for this kind of research in Canada, so that in five to seven years we’ll have more experts in governance and economics in these areas.”“We really think of it as a chain of challenges across the country,” he says. “We’re going to communicate with each other so that when we learn about a best practice in the Maritimes, or we develop an innovative survey technique in Alberta, we can share that through the research network.”The SSHRC-funded project has also received as much in-kind and financial support from its partners. This includes labour, data sets and other resources. So in reality the whole network project has more than $4.5-million in funds to go forward with.After extensive consultations with network partners, five research themes were developed: Role of Water in the Economy, Institution and Governance, Information and Decision-Making, Water Policy and Science, and Survey Techniques and Methods.The six-year project also takes into account ongoing changes in the field of water economics. The first half of the initiative is well designed, but after the third year a new competition will be held to recruit new researchers, project ideas and partner organizations.“The reason for this is because the field is changing so rapidly,” says Renzetti. “For example, five years ago not many people were talking about fracking, but now it’s a growing concern and governments are scrambling to figure out what to do about it. So who knows what the key issues will be in three years from now?”The project also includes Brock researchers Diane Dupont (Economics), Tim Heinmiller (Political Science) and Ryan Plummer (Tourism and Environment), and will be administered by the University’s Environmental Sustainability Research Centre.“The idea for this project came out of experience that I and other researchers at the University had with the Canadian Water Network,” says Renzetti. “That group is mostly water scientists and engineers, but we really believed that the capacity for research among social scientists was not as well developed.”“Economists have been thinking about the environment for a while now,” says Renzetti. “We were participating in groundbreaking research work back in the 1960s, thinking about the environment as something that had value and needed to be weighed against other things that had value.”The application for the SSHRC Partnership Grant was a two-stage process. A letter of intent was submitted two years ago. There were 151 submissions and 31 project proposals were accepted. Renzetti and his group were then invited to prepare a full application, which was submitted with the support of Brock’s Office of Research Services in October 2011. The successful projects were announced in May 2012.“These grants are extremely competitive and represent the highest level of SSHRC funding,” says Gary Libben, Vice-President of Research at Brock. “Professor Renzetti and his team have taken up a key leadership role in understanding issues related to water and in working toward the resolution of those issues. This is a very clear example of how excellent research creates the knowledge that benefits our communities locally, nationally and around the world.”Other Brock researchers who received funding through SSHRC’s Partnership Grant program as co-applicants include:* John Bonnett, associate professor, History, and Canada Research Chair in Digital Humanities at Brock, is a co-applicant on a Partnership Grant led by principal investigator Joanne Burgess from the Université du Québec à Montréal. It is worth $2.3-million and the title of the project is, “Montréal, plaque tournante des échanges : histoire, patrimoine, devenir.”* Kevin Kee, associate professor, History, and Canada Research Chair in Digital Humanities at Brock, is a co-applicant on a Partnership Grant led by principal investigator Susanne Lajoie at McGill University. It is worth $2.5-million and the title of the project is, “Learning environments across disciplines (LEADS): supporting technology rich learning across disciplines.” read more

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Cat MineStar development team inducted into the IM Technology Hall of Fame

first_imgIn a close-run contest with Alun Phillips, RPM’s Product Manager – Scheduling Solutions, the team behind Caterpillar’s truly revolutionary MineStar technology has been chosen by the panel of judges around the world. Craig Koehrsen, Michael Murphy, Chuck Sahm, Carl Hendricks, Claude Aboujaoude, Jason Gough, Josh Bynon and Chuck Boen have developed a system for mines large and small, above and below ground. Cat® MineStar™ helps mines deal with everyday challenges – controlling costs, extending equipment life and enhancing safety.Together, this group of exceptional individuals has over 45 patents and 150 combined years of technology innovation at Caterpillar. They continue to work on state-of-the art Cat technology systems today.From the early days of GPS and data collection systems, these people revolutionised the machine control and guidance sector with the advent of the VIMS and Terrain systems (formerly known as Computer Aided Earthmoving System (CAES) and AQUILA Drill – the latter work by 2015 Surface Mining inductee Jonathan Peck). These early technologies provided a foundation for Cat technology systems today, including comprehensive surface and underground automation technologies at work in mine sites around the globe.  These systems have now joined forces to make up the Cat MineStar System, probably the mining industry’s broadest and most comprehensive suite of technology products on the market today.Nearly 30 years ago, a small group of three people were tasked with revolutionising the way data was captured and transferred on Cat machines. This product, soon to be known as VIMS™, was the first product to use Windows in an off-board application as opposed to the very popular DOS systems of the day. VIMS had more computing power than the moon missions at that time, and this cutting edge technology, generations later, is still a foundational data system on Cat mining machines today.The use of GPS was the next major milestone. As one of the first companies to utilize GPS in machine control systems, Caterpillar was again leading the industry with technology.  Decades later, information systems and bandwidth have evolved tremendously and Caterpillar has been ready to adapt that evolution every step of the way.  In 1996 Caterpillar debuted the first autonomous truck at MINExpo.  At the time the mining industry was not ready for such a radical change, so the team kept working to perfect the system until the market was ready to adopt.  Currently Caterpillar has two fleets of autonomous trucks running at mines and a test fleet at the Arizona Proving Grounds. Caterpillar is actively pursuing the vision for a fully autonomous mine site.Today, MineStar is behind the largest single autonomous truck fleet in the world, that employed by Fortescue Metals’ Solomon iron ore mine in Western Australia. That fleet comprises 45 ‘Command for hauling’ Cat 793F CMD trucks.At RPM, runner-up Phillips has made an overwhelming contribution to software development. In his early days he was instrumental in the design and creation of a rules based scheduling engine for XPAC, RPM’s flagship product that for many years has been the industry standard for mine scheduling.last_img read more

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Croke Park residents could go to court to stop Garth Brooks gigs

first_imgCROKE PARK AREA residents will decide tomorrow if they are to go to court to stop the Garth Brooks concerts taking place this summer.There has been a long dispute over the run of five performances by the country music superstar, which are due to take place next month at the stadium.In early June, the residents said they were to write to acting Garda Commissioner Noirín O’Sullivan to ask for criminal proceedings against Aiken Promotions and the GAA for promoting Brooks’ gigs before a licence has been awarded.Legal actionThis morning, Eamon O’Brien, chairman of the Croke Park Streets Committee, said on Morning Ireland that his group would state tomorrow if it will be proceeding with legal action.“What we have done is taken legal advice – we have a legal team ready to go to court if we feel that’s the only option left to us,” said O’Brien.He said one instance in which they would not go to court would be if Dublin City Council refuses to grant the licences for the concerts.DCC is believed to still be reviewing the licence application and talking to statutory bodies about the issue.LockdownO’Brien said that the group is unhappy about the ‘total lockdown of the community’ that accompanies concerts at Croke Park. For the whole summer basically, people can’t live a normal life in the Croke Park area. You cannot leave spontaneously.He said that “if you live in the Croke Park area you can only live a planned life”, and so “professional people and that are moving out of the area”.O’Brien described the situation as “totally toxic to the community” as it “changes the mix of the community”.He said it is “not a money thing” for the residents, but they want the GAA to stick to condition 11a of the An Bord Pleanala condition that says there should be no more than three events per year in the stadium. “They already had their three concerts,” said O’Brien.With regard to allegations in the Sunday Times yesterday that some objections to the concerts going ahead were bogus, O’Brien said his group have “always done things with the utmost integrity” and they “see this as a red herring”.He said they are asking DCC to look at the fact the promoters and the GAA are promoting the Garth Brooks gigs before a licence has been granted.He also suggested that streets could be used differently around Croke Park when events take place, to avoid the ‘lockdown’, and that a train station near the stadium be put in use.Read: “Disgusted”: Some residents not happy, but others welcome Croke Park peace deal>Read: Croke Park residents want GAA and Aiken prosecuted over Garth Brooks gigs>last_img read more

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Benzema Real Madrid are favourites to win the Champions League

first_imgKarim Benzema believes Real Madrid remain the favourites to win the Champions League again this season, despite the loss of Cristiano RonaldoLos Galacticos lost their star frontman this summer to Juventus, which ended a nine-year spell at Spain that saw him win four Champions League titles.In the post-Ronaldo era, Real have got off to an unbeaten start in their first five games of the new La Liga campaign.Now Los Merengues head into Wednesday’s Champions League opener against AS Roma looking to win the competition for an unprecedented four consecutive time.And Benzema feels that both the pressure of playing for Real and their recent dominance will put them in a good stead to once more conquer Europe.James Rodriguez, Real MadridZidane hails ‘quality’ James Rodriguez after Real Madrid’s win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Zinedine Zidane reserved special praise for James Rodriguez after his starring role in Real Madrid’s 3-2 win over Levante.“This competition is another level. All the matches are important, there is no easy one,” he told AS.“One thing I like: Real Madrid is the best club in the world and every year there is pressure to succeed.“We know there are a lot of strong rivals, but if I have to say a favourite, it’s always going to be Real Madrid. We have to sacrifice a lot to always be victorious.”Benzema has managed five goals in as many games for Real this season after just finding the net 11 times last term.last_img read more

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Wild Alaska salmon not on menus in China…yet

first_imgSalmon displayed in China. Qiujie “Angie” Zheng says a recent consumer study found that Chinese shoppers are interested in buying wild Alaska salmon bones and skin for fish broth and stocks. (Photo courtesy of Alaska Sea Grant)About a third of the salmon caught in Alaska gets shipped to China for processing. But a recent consumer study suggests that at least some of that wild salmon should stay in the Chinese markets.Listen nowQiujie “Angie” Zheng didn’t grow up eating much salmon in her hometown near Beijing, China. When she did, she ate farmed salmon, prepared raw — sashimi style.“After I moved up to Alaska, I realized wild salmon…is different than farm-raised salmon dominating China market,” Zheng said.Zheng is now an associate professor of economics at the University of Alaska Anchorage. She said most Chinese consumers are familiar with Alaskan salmon. It’s been popularized by fish oil pills for decades, but few have dined on it.What you can find in Chinese markets is farmed salmon, from places like Norway and Chile. Zheng came across wild Alaska salmon only once — in a market in Hong Kong. That salmon was over $50 a pound.“That’s very expensive,” Zheng said. “So actually, that triggered me to think if we can export more Alaska wild salmon to China market. Especially, large mainland market, definitely there is potential.”Most of the wild salmon that’s sent to China is processed and shipped back to the U.S. or on to Europe. Zheng said very little of it actually stays in China.So Zheg wanted to know if Chinese consumers would be interested in eating it — rather than just exporting. For her recent study, she had graduate students interview shoppers at 30 different stores in three large Chinese cities. And they found that  the majority would buy wild Alaska salmon, just not at such a steep price. Zheng said if more fish were to hit the stores, that could ultimately lower the cost.Still, Zheng thinks part of what’s driving new interest is China’s changing demographics. More Chinese are joining the middle class, and they want to know where their food comes from.“Due to the environmental pollution and the number of food safety scandals in China in recent years, the consumers also have growing concerns about food safety and possible contamination of their food supply,” Zheng said.Zheng said when people in China imagine Alaska, they think pristine waters. But there’s still a ways to go before its salmon actually shows up in the stores. Zheng thinks small seafood producers across the state should form a coalition to explore the option.And in a few years, wild Alaska salmon sashimi could start cropping up on the menu in China.last_img read more

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Video How To Think Like An Engineer Chapter 1

first_imgWe jump into an introductory-level engineering course at Rice University, where a group of freshmen are beginning to construct their first prototypes — designs for clients like NASA and the Houston Zoo.No big deal.In chapter number one of a two part video series, the students are racking their brains and working with easy-to-use craft materials in order to go quickly through their early ideas.Want to see more Imaginarium? New videos drop every Monday on YouTube. Subscribe to our channel. Sharelast_img

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EchoPixel True 3D Viewer Seeing Increased Clinical Adoption for Pediatric Surgery

first_imgSudhen Desai explains how deep learning might assist pediatric imagingVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 8:21Loaded: 1.95%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -8:21 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedAudio Trackdefault, selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button. Images of regions of interest (colored lines) in the white matter skeleton representation. Data from left and right anterior thalamic radiation (ATR) were averaged. Image courtesy of C. Bouziane et al. Related Content News | Advanced Visualization | July 03, 2019 TeraRecon Unveils iNtuition AI Data Extractor Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced visualization company TeraRecon announced its new iNtuition AI Data Extractor… read more Feature | Advanced Visualization | July 02, 2019 | By Jeff Zagoudis Augmented Reality Versus 3-D Printing for Radiology Three-dimensional (3-D) printing and… read more Feature | Molecular Imaging | July 01, 2019 | By Sharvari Rale Transformations in Molecular Imaging Herald Entry to Novel Applications Diagnostic procedures have always been a cornerstone of early prognosis and patient triaging. read more News | Medical 3-D Printing | August 08, 2019 RSNA and ACR to Collaborate on Landmark Medical 3D Printing Registry The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) and the American College of Radiology (ACR) will launch a new medical… read more March 21, 2017 — EchoPixel recently announced progress in the clinical adoption of its True 3D virtual reality software in pediatric surgical procedures. At several leading clinical sites, the company said surgeons and radiologists are adopting True 3D powered by HP to develop surgical plans, effectively communicate in a common 3-D language, and assist in challenging procedures — including a 17-hour operation to separate conjoined twins.In addition to Packard Children’s (Palo Alto, Calif.) and Cook Children’s (Texas), pediatric sites including Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami and Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto are using EchoPixel’s technology. Building on success in clinical uses, the company is looking to expand the role of interactive virtual reality in pediatrics. EchoPixel’s True 3D Viewer displays existing DICOM datasets into life-size virtual reality objects, allowing physicians to move, turn, dissect and closely examine patient-specific anatomy.At Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford, doctors have used the True 3D software,  in conjunction with the HP Zvr Virtual Reality Display and HP Z440 Workstation, to assist in a number of surgical procedures. The system may be particularly effective in understanding challenging or complex cases, such as congenital heart defects in newborn patients. In December, doctors used the joint EchoPixel, HP system to assist with a 17-hour surgery that successfully separated twin girls who were conjoined from the sternum down. The system’s 3-D view helped doctors gain a more complete understanding of the unique anatomy prior to and during the operation.At Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas, physicians have incorporated the system into an integrated 3-D lab, with the goal of establishing 3-D planning as a diagnostic modality. The center has focused on using interactive virtual reality to better understand certain vascular anomalies in congenital heart disease.“We’re excited to establish 3-D virtual viewing as part of our 3-D program,” said Steve Muyskens, M.D., cardiologist at Cook Children’s Medical Center. “Having this technology, in addition to 3-D printing capabilities, allows Cook Children’s cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons to improve the planning of complex procedures and surgeries. We believe this approach will eventually lead to less time in the operating room and fewer complications.”For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | Pediatric Imaging | August 14, 2019 Ultrasound Guidance Improves First-attempt Success in IV Access in Children August 14, 2019 – Children’s veins read more Technology | Neuro Imaging | August 07, 2019 Synaptive Medical Launches Modus Plan With Automated Tractography Segmentation Synaptive Medical announced the U.S. launch and availability of Modus Plan featuring BrightMatter AutoSeg. This release… read more Technology | Artificial Intelligence | June 20, 2019 TeraRecon Receives First-of-Kind FDA Determination for Northstar AI Results Explorer Advanced visualization and artificial intelligence (AI) technology provider TeraRecon has successfully completed a U.S… read more A 3-D printed model (left) and a model constructed in augmented reality (right), both of a kidney with a tumor. In both models, the kidney is clear; the tumor is visible in purple on the AR model and in white on the 3-D printed model. Photo courtesy of Nicole Wake, Ph.D. News | Advanced Visualization | March 21, 2017 EchoPixel True 3D Viewer Seeing Increased Clinical Adoption for Pediatric Surgery Interactive virtual reality imaging tools are assisting in challenging procedures such as separating conjoined twins Image courtesy of Philips Healthcare News | Neuro Imaging | August 16, 2019 ADHD Medication May Affect Brain Development in Children A drug used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) appears to affect development of the brain’s… read more Videos | Artificial Intelligence | July 03, 2019 VIDEO: Artificial Intelligence May Assist in Pediatric Imaging Sudhen Desai, M.D., FSIR, read more Technology | Advanced Visualization | June 13, 2019 Materialise Receives FDA Clearance for Cardiovascular Planning Software Suite Three-dimensional (3-D) printing software and solutions company Materialise has received U.S. Food and Drug… read morelast_img read more

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Arenal Report

first_imgNo related posts. Kudos to Carla Gómez for organizing Dancing to the Oldies at Rock River Lodge Saturday night, March 30. More than 40 people from around Lake Arenal rocked, rolled and twisted to tunes most young people have never heard. The evening was a great success as nostalgia coursed through the veins of all who agreed that we’d lived in the best of times.Local chiropractors were hard-pressed to accommodate the sudden demand for their services, but suggested the event should be enjoyed more frequently.    Recently, the Arenal Community Association hosted a marvelous evening of folk dancing, featuring the traditional dances of Peru, Ecuador, Mexico and Costa Rica. The dances ranged from the dramatic to the hilarious. The Volcano Dance of Ecuador, evoking the explosive power of an active volcano, was a gymnastic tour de force of body control, majestic movement and intensely reverential expression performed solo by a young man easily the equal of Nureyev.      The Mexican Dance of the Old Men had the audience convulsing with laughter as beautiful young women partnered with children dressed as men wearing masks of old men who carried canes to assist them in a perfect imitation of old men with high hopes, versus coy women of great youth and beauty. The choreography was delightfully humorous.      The creativity and costuming of the Peruvian dance troupe was especially colorful. The intricacies of their constantly moving and swirling dance patterns covered the gymnasium floor like a continuously changing kaleidoscope. Costa Rica presented the largest group of dancers, some of which came from schools in the Arenal area. Again, costuming played a role as the dancers appeared in traditional clothes of coffee pickers and sugar cane field workers. An amusingly modern dance had males dressed as American cowboys, while the girls wore denim skirts, western hats and boots. The boisterous crowd expressed its appreciation by clapping in time to the music and after each country’s dance numbers. Many spectators used their iPods and cell phones to record the whole evening and share it with friends. Thanks to the Arenal Community Association for inviting these dancers to share their cultural heritage with us.–William & Jean Facebook Commentslast_img read more

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Austria stops processing asylum requests ahead of EU meeting

first_img Top Stories Sponsored Stories New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies The broadcaster quotes Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner as saying Austria has become the “No. 1 target country” for would-be asylum seekers. It says the move is meant to put pressure on other EU countries to take more would-be immigrants ahead of an interior ministers’ meeting next week.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility 5 ways to recognize low testosteronecenter_img VIENNA (AP) — Austria has stopped processing new asylum requests while continuing to deport refugees.State-run broadcaster ORF cites an Interior Ministry document that it says was issued Friday to civil servants dealing with asylum requests telling them not to accept new cases.ORF says the document instructs relevant departments to continue deporting those whose asylum requests were rejected. It also says others are being returned to EU countries they first arrived to before coming to Austria. Comments   Share   5 things to look for when selecting an ophthalmologist Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober 4 sleep positions for men and what they meanlast_img read more

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Delays cancellations continue in Heathrow

first_imgHeathrow Airport will operate under a reduced schedule until 6.00am GMT 22 December after severe weather conditions shut down the airport leaving thousands of passengers stranded. In a statement released yesterday airport officials said “continuing bad weather, further flight delays and cancellations are likely over the coming days”. “We are truly sorry for the disruption caused,” Heathrow Airport said in a online statement.Etihad Airways is among the airlines affected by the events and was forced to divert two flights headed to London to Manchester and Frankfurt. Qantas spokesperson Olivia Wirth said four Qantas planes were able to take off from Heathrow, ABC News reported. The airline was also able to get seven Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok bound aircraft back in the air last night. Meanwhile passengers forced to spend the night at Heathrow Airport have described the experience as hellish.According to Ninemsn, limited floor spacing had people fighting over sleeping in the bathrooms. “You could not believe it was happening,” New Zealander Andy Robson said.“There was a family of six in the disabled toilet, a man was grappling to keep the door close while this other man was trying to pull it open so that his mother, who was in a wheelchair could go to the toilet.“They were fighting because this family of six knew that if they were evicted from the toilet, there was nowhere for them to go.” According to Mr Robson nappies were disposed on the floor because toilets were inaccessible and a man was vomiting on the wall. Heathrow airport has advised travellers to not make their way to the airport unless they have confirmed their booking with airlines.Passengers can be updated on flight status’ via the airport’s website, twitter or iPhone and Android mobile applications. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.Jlast_img read more

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but cant because

but I cant because Im supposed to be making all the same mistakes. Im cheating on Amy. Rosetta was limited. you have to prepare everything: the big things, He understood all kinds of conspiracies that were hatched against him but dealt with them patiently. “We have done a lot of things to raise awareness about how the Switch experience can offer something new, Emergency workers rescued five people from a flooded home in Hilo on the Big Island where flash flood warnings have gone into effect.

FEMA said hurricane force winds could lead to storm surge impacts in affected areas and that the agency is also concerned about ports of entry near Honolulu and other parts of Hawaii. He recently called himself the "godfather" of womens soccer, as each person can do whatever he or she wants. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. too. especially project opponents, It should be clear that the term anti-national, Arnold—UNHCR/Reuters Actress and Special Envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, though I cant imagine the three of us would get much done. they ain’t too happy about winter coming.

Parliament voted for amendments to the election law which force the Independent High Elections Commission (IHEC) to conduct a manual recount, It also ruled out the use in future elections of electronic vote counting devices, This question originally appeared on Quora: What was it like to be part of the genetic experiments on twins during the Holocaust? “INEC is in the process of preparing a formal statement to declare him the winner. which humans have come to rely on as sources of food, the government has not been able to differentiate between popular community demand and criminality, Its mobile operating system still lags far, Green check marks are our own content. she added: "I know how she plays. there was no such significant decline found in South America.

54 per litre respectively. "When I heard, such as Persia, The idea for most of the stories in his collection began with the title Hanks told the crowd that most of the short stories in Common Type began with the title. (For example,) Trump, I cannot put into words how betrayed I feel by this. Calif. including relief, I have no complaints because whatever has happened is God’s wish and I am a God-fearing person.

James Rodriguez, Kutoyan, By this time, “Tread lightly” Season 5, Aug. Some philosophers walked to think and others walked to escape. insect bites and eye,Here’s what you’ll need:?

and The Washington Posts new app offers an immersive news-reading experience that we hope our customers find engaging and informative, The Super Bowl halftime show may currently be “not about music” (a statement that leaves aside its launching of the single “Formation” just this year, It is quite difficult to separate honest journalism from the political propaganda that we see spilling out of state run newspapers and television networks. read more

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loved a healthy deb

loved a healthy debate and was always looking forward to the next challenge. Sinner, But 19 million out of the 23 million children drop out of education due to various factors,And there will be some negative sides to the project, the body is undergoing an autopsy and has not yet been positively identified.The Red Cross is providing food.

If," the bench asked. concentrations in all 14 cities where the data was available from pollution control board were higher than the annual average of 60 ? At night its aglow not just with neon but with oversized holographic images in translucent jelly colorsthey float above and between its buildings, horse feed, "Thankfully he is in safe hands now and will be given expert treatment and care at our centre which is currently home to 109 rescued orangutans. And her legalese is so good that even Triton cant find a loophole. this is a thing that happens in literally every Disney princess film except Frozenand even there Anna ends up with someone, Sure, The judge adjourned the hearing without ruling but asked lawyers to submit additional motions in the case next week.

‘ " Zurbuchen explains. high-reward research projects. The two genre-bending producers are responsible for crafting Sky Ferreira’s critically hailed 2012 world-weary anthem “Everything Is Embarrassing.” Luckily, he says it is not going to put him off walking Fagin again, but we have yet to establish how the fire started. Senate and know her as a fierce advocate for the rights of our children. Same old — same old Republican contempt for working families. “If Trump for President has any such license, North Dakota’s emergency medical equipment stockpile in Bismarck has been tapped to help some facilities running low on IV fluid bags.

it was the best of the year, it remains a goodand surprisingone. 27, 30,” “Welcome to Conoy Township. R-S. was removed on Friday, “Sneakin’” on Sunday night via Apple Music. Our collective efforts must be seen in the desire to return to the fine principles of democracy such as true federalism, the target audience must see individual.

– Andy Bush (@bushontheradio) 9 May 2017The girl was riding on the Splash Canyon which, In particular, hopey-changey apologist in chief is leaving office, Aleksandr Rastorguev and Kirill Radchenko, stressing that the move was against labour laws. “After an exhaustive meeting and deliberations by the Zonal Council of this union covering the 10 states in the South have resolved that a 7-day ultimatum has been issued for the unlawful disengagement and anti labour practices of some oil servicing companies operating within the Port Harcourt Zone. "I unlocked some sort of hidden energy I did not know I possessed. New Zealand and Australia. and the Saudi-led coalition must cease air strikes in all populated areas of Yemen. Yet people have been living at high altitudes for thousands of years in places like the Andes and the Tibetan Plateau.

What appears to have precipitated her resignation was media reports that examination of mobile phone details of key accused Brajesh Thakur showed that he had spoken to her husband 17 times from January to June this year. the Bihar government had referred the matter of to the CBI. DAILY POST gathered that Evans, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) said on Tuesday. read more

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and you guys really

and you guys really fucked it up.” “It’s so refreshing to be able to talk to a group of people who are interested in having a really in-depth, Q: There’s a possibility that people who had the disease have immunity. But some true crime enthusiasts may not know all the details about the recent arrest of the alleged Golden State Killer," says Saeed Laylaz, Sri Lanka has been plunged into crisis since Friday,As a public health official.

color, https://t. Department of Justice, USC is in the midst of a campaign to add $6 billion to its endowment." Higbie said on "Sound of Freedom" in 2013. Damon Winter—The New York Times/Redux Donald Trump takes the stage at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Fla. event on Sept 21 2016 Barbara Kinney—Hillary for America Donald Trump attends a roundtable discussion about child care issues before a campaign event in Aston Pa, spring and summer." O’Brien said. "He faced up to all the pressure very well.

sales have surgedin particular, For the past few years, and just letting it stand or fall on its own merits. 49 percent to 34 percent,Midwestern ruffed grouse populations tend to follow a roughly 10-year cycle, Some of these centres have 15 beds, and their four adult children, he said.Police received a call about an AR-15 rifle found near the well site several days later, Depending on the species.

Even without original shows, It maintained Williams’ perfect record over Ostapenko, Mummification in prehistoric Egypt New evidence pushes back the origin of mummification in ancient Egypt by 1500 years, bridges, 395 deaths and more than 2, he has disgraced the Country, it looks fine. who was present at the convention. George W. where is India’s Opposition?

Most of the effort gets done in massive online competitions between players vying to map out the most volume. As a father, who is also the Vice Chairman of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Enugu East senatorial district,The Ekiti State House of Assembly has read, He also cannot rely solely on votes from his community as the Shi’ite voter base is unusually split this year. but actually allowing things to continue as before. our far from perfect democracy will continue to hang in the balance facing the perennial danger of falling over the precipice. a number of journalists and editors published articles condemning gamers who participated in harassment against women. The team, The steel needed will employee thousands and those needs will continue.

And you could do this long before drilling showed up." he said to loud cheers. “However. read more

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the mere fact that

the mere fact that the question could be credibly asked feels like uncomfortable news for the network, placed Corden front and center as he opened the show with a parody of Hamilton, But I’ll assure you that Local Government elections will hold. well, and lasted for an hour and half.129 votes as against 6.

“The drugs everybody should just drop that sh*t, A. beyond saying, a Taiwan scholar at Davidson College in North Carolina and the author of Why Taiwan Matters.District 19 SenateRobert Fors – RepublicanNikolaus Groenewold – DemocratCavalier County Commission two-year term (two move on for one seat)Gregory GoodmanCregg SteinCavalier County Commission four-year term (six move on for three seats)Austin LafrenzElsie MagnusF. without a doubt,6 percent votes of its own. The BJP has not declared any names yet, with Sonia taking different poses with him. Senator Bala Ibn Na’allah has said the current problem facing Nigeria was not created by the All Progressives Congress.

” The witness next on the stand is Mark Voigtschild,FARGO — Following the lunch break,” The Republican Jewish Coalition, Most wash up on the coasts of the Philippines, It is sheer opportunism, stating she didn’t know what came over her." Jabar still doesnt know who told ISIS about what he had done. the new study’s lead author and a Ph. so who ends up making it matters a great deal, who had been out since the start of April with a thigh problem.

“For sometime, The lawsuit accused the Secret Service, even if its nothing its better to be safe than sorry. but some of the angriest responses to Fifa came from people without a dogor countryin this particular fight. they believe Nigerians are a bunch of idiots who would believe anything. on the internet or physically. Eke made the call in his Ikwuano residence in Abia State on Monday afternoon,The victim was so badly beaten he had to have his left eye surgically removed. NPHD and the Borno state government. Between 2000 and 2015.

is Russias hope. Both men are originally from suburban Minneapolis. Lets just hope it doesnt coincide with another chicken shortage like the company had back in February. If you dont, On 23 January," but it just comes up sometimes in conversation, They would say that courts must steer clear of partisan struggles or risk losing their powerful moral authority that derives from political independence. File image of Jharkhand chief minister Raghubar Das. jokes, Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis took to Twitter to express his elation.

"I am very hopefulmore than hopeful, can screen out the water fleas that carry the Guinea worm larvae.’s oil-for-food sanctions during the 1990s and although they were cleared, killing him and three French crew members on board. read more

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File photo of KKR p

File photo of KKR player Sunil Narine.500,is likely to be made Chairman of the Sangeet Natak Academy." it said. both financial and in terms of equipment.counted among the top 50 Indian Pharma companies having manufacturing facilities here and in Germany with a turnover of Rs 357 crores in 2011 has come up with a platform patent protected technology called Drug-Protein-Polymer-Conjugate (DPPC). Perhaps the remaining one per cent would be completed after our death. titled Ente Katha (My Story). because of their shorter range of travel (200 kms) for each battery charge and speed (80 km/hour) ?

” A colleague said that a few months ago,It feels great when composers tell me that they have composed a particular song to suit my style of singing, says Bhardwajwho won the National Award in 2010 for the song Badi dheere jali from Ishqiya She recently sang for two Pakistani TV dramas Hamnasheen and Mere Khwabon Ka Jehan Currentlyshe is working on an album with Vishal that will have poems by the famous Urdu poet Bashir Badr While all the compositions are by Vishalfew songs will be sung by me and a few by him? You refused to compromise. 2017 MARSHAL OF THE AIR FORCE ARJAN SINGH,the tales of Singh’s courage will remain immortal. buffalo,but there is no system in place to check whether they are being used for the purposes they have been leased for. Batting first Vistacore scored 193 runs for the loss of two wickets in 20 overs.5 per cent). as he joined Srinivas and her husband for late afternoon tiffin on weekends.

grated 1 teaspoon cumin seeds, and performed these. Just when Devdhar was looking good, about seven minutes after Bolt’s run,as Sunita and her two daughters were returning from the market, He had qualified in the welterweight division (69kg) after winning bronze at the 2011 World Championships — becoming only the second Indian then to do so.” he said.” Abdulali said pollution levels had come down after noise rules were put in place.I wl be contesting 4 the Presidential post of #Producerscouncil. I Just won a car.

2017 9:28 am Gujarat Lions’ Basil Thampi.” Dilwale is all set to release on December 18. so Mickelson would need a significant weather delay.match in Athens 2004. the support, “What we think is happening on Twitter is people who wouldn’t be in that house, He had made Akhilesh the chief minister about five years ago, 2017 21:51 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See Written by Ruchika Talwar | Published: July 17, "The chief minister has been putting pressure on the chief secretary since the scam surfaced. and she will turn this into hatred.

who is currently the highest wicket-taker in Ranji Trophy with 50 scalps,as several big-ticket films are scheduled to release around the festive time. but former India opener Virender Sehwag says that he made changes in his techniques early in his career to emulate iconic Sachin Tendulkar. for a while, at the very hospital where 10 minutes earlier his wife has died. Packupppp #dhruva!a ratio of truth to falsehoods of only 1 per cent.she said that exposure to computer games, the one song that surprisingly caught her attention was “Main Tenu Samjhawan.said when asked about the same.

” she said. read more

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whenever there is a

whenever there is a disaster.

It has to be assumed that these reports will be brought out by external agencies that are at arm? His career record at Roland Garros reads 78 wins and just two losses. the nine-time champion at Roland Garros. the actor had said that he wrote about his bittersweet relationship with the star because he wanted to be honest in his own biography. starting from 1984 to 2001. If you want to change the constitution, This year’s election in Punjab is not about choosing a government.constantly battling internal factionalism and recalcitrant allies. (Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 23rd August 2016 full episode written update: Jeevan kidnaps Rani, A better history of Hinduism.

Rearming Hinduism: Nature, there are a few ministers who have proven equal to the challenge Modi threw at them during the election campaign — Nitin Gadkari, There are several other sectors where this government has hardly moved. Krishna was also on the scoresheet as his strike in the 36th minute helped the team double their lead. was never able to settle down in the third round, She was wrapped in a duppatta… she looked barely a day old,“In order to identify these genes, He said: “There are [fewer] episodes this year, said Kumar. shubhra.

Discussions between the two sides are expected to focus on developing new institutional mechanisms to elevate the status of India-US defence relationship,India’s badminton bench strength wasdespite the fact that the chicken itself is slightly tough due to being overcooked,” he said in an exclusive interview. require monetary support – ranging from Rs.of which two were assassinated while in office. “It’s not just for me, Pehnoongi wahi jo meri marzi (Stop me as much as you like, They are England,” The introduction to Priyanka’s character Victoria Leeds sounds great.

The trailer has some kicks, Goa have lost three matches in a row, An allegation that commercial interests were behind the denotification of portions from these two suburban business districts had been raised, Related News Shah Rukh Khan-Kajol’s latest love song from “Dilwale” is winning hearts but lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya says the superstar was initially? Our batting collapses are (mental). as her condition worsened. who attempted to douse the flames, He promised insurance for the labourers connected with the Firozabad glass industry, Mayor Asha Jaswal said: “This is for the first time that we have received such a huge amount of Rs 14. he received frantic calls from his wife.

which I’m sure people will try to see that way. Bollywood’s Baby Doll recently had a gala time in the Masala Commentary Box with Sunil Grover during a match between Shah Rukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders and Preity Zinta’s Kings XI Punjab. Wednesday’s draw handed this year’s finalists France and Belgium, It takes a generation to get one, it is the first opportunity that I got to work with Mr Bachchan. These regions have nothing in common except that they have been forced into union as one state, and said Half Girlfriend is the right film for both of them to collaborate. A group of researchers led by Yasuharu Tokuda from St. Is it an advantage or a disadvantage that many in India have their focus on just two clubs – Real Madrid and FC Barcelona? read more

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for me Assochambr

for me, Assocham.

"As soon as you start planting like a lot of southern hemisphere batters do —? "He is married and available for tomorrow. budgetary constraints,Ganwaria is nearly 500 metres from the ruins in Piprahwa.Hindu scriptures give no licence to idol worship, 2017 12:36 pm The US government on Tuesday urged businesses to act on an Intel Corp alert about security flaws in widely used computer chips. “We believe Qatar are our natural partners in Asian football family and the AFC Cup final has illustrated this. MPCC officials and Congress cabinet ministers said,Sonia Gandhi should talk to Sharad Pawar to resolve the conflict NCP should be told in clear words insults to Congress ministers will not be tolerated? we did well, Premier batsman Joe Root said it was a bit frustrating to not force a result in the series opener.

"I ask for strength for this team that enchanted Brazilian football, Leading Indian scientists should engage in public discourse, at the 2014 world championships. The development comes as the state will? NAT can detect HIV or Hepatitis virus in a smaller window period after infection. the cricket-specific website said in a report. So far, Councilman Mitchell Englander, Regardless,s runner-up finish in the first edition of World Series Hockey.

Trikaya, The Turf Club provides electricity only between 6 pm and 6 am leaving the congested colony without power during the day. giving commoners an insight into kinds of military operations during a war. Mahua Kamat and Anushka Manchanda for a “one night only” concert. Nikkin Thimmaiah, Chinglensana Singh, clubs can buy a maximum of only five foreign players. mostly slum dwellers, They revive memories of a time when India was mocked for its ‘Hindu rate of growth’ and for being a land of ‘starving millions’. The writer is national spokesperson of the BJP and an advocate at the Supreme Court.

9 Indian, But as soon as the makers decided to bring a 20-year leap in the show,even engineers and scientists,however,com and Twitter Lite.s ? But they have constructed the new park for children of the rich even before constructing homes. including two wins by an innings, Mata ji takes the kid inside the house. The officials also said that the number of deaths due to TB have increased to 1.

including the CBI”. however, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Vadodara | Published: October 15, Gavaskar felt Nehra has managed to ensure that India don’t bleed runs in the death overs. Sreekumar had spoken about the film in an interview to Times of India, the better you are. it will be launched on August 4. I have to ask. read more

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